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What Are the Double Circle Training Groups?

Since 1978, the Double Circle has gradually evolved into a stand-alone group process for those in human relations work. We have developed a forum for dealing with the issue of personal ego in group interaction. The configuration of the circles and the strong bond between the pair (dyad) create a strong grounding in reality for the group. Control of the ego is achieved by simple positioning, and a few basic rules give rise to an expression of the authentic self in each of the participants. Thus, a deeper spiritual connection with the self can be realized.

The following is an introduction that can be used at the beginning of a Double Circle group meeting. It can be read at the start of each meeting for newcomers as well as those who are still trying to decide how the group should continue to be conducted: “This group process method is not intended as therapy but as a way to achieve team building and emotional and spiritual growth. The essence of this group is in the configuration of a single circle re-forming into a double circle and variations on the theme of the double circle. There is no diagnosis, malady, or addiction required to be a member of this group. The only requirement is a desire to gain insight into yourself as well as understanding and compassion for members of the group and other people in your life.”

The single circle formation at the beginning of a group meeting can be used as a time for focusing or a short meditation as well as dealing with any unfinished business or concerns from previous meetings. This should be relatively brief in order to devote most of the session to the double circle mystery. The simplest way to move into the double circle formation is simply to count off “one, two, one, two” with each person being assigned either the odd or even number. By convention, the “ones” become the inner circle and the “twos” become the outer circle. The two circles then exchange their places as the group action progresses, offering a dramatic shift in perspective.

WeGo over Ego

There is an essential healthy mystery in the double circle group. This grows out of group consciousness vs. personal ego. By participation in the double circle group each individual becomes aware the power that two people by acting in concert become we (WeGo) as opposed to me (Ego). Hence the totally new term WeGo. This is thought to be a learning process rather than a therapy process. It is a learning process that may have long been forgotten through many centuries of individual competitiveness.

Information for Training Groups

Participants who join a Double Circle Training Group will be added to our email list through Basecamp 3™ in order to give everyone access to important information about the group.

Basecamp 3™ is a computer program to assist participants in keeping up with meetings and offering resource materials.  Ideally, it will lead the development of better group relations. You will find meeting places, times and the composition of the people involved such as correctional officers, teachers, mental health clinicians, and other folks who are working in sensitive
people-helping-people situations.

How Do I Find a Double Circle Training Group Meeting?

Double Circle groups are held at the following locations:

Triangle Club
1005 SE 4th Ave
Gainesville FL 32601

Every Saturday
8:30 am

First Presbyterian Church Of Alachua
14623 NW 140th St
Alachua FL 32615

Every Sunday
2:00 pm

How Is This Group Paid For?

By the simple process of donation and sale of printed materials. It should remain non-professional in the manner of A.A.

How Are the Participants Organized?

With active participation a member can become a pilot of an emerging group and be considered competent to pilot new groups in areas such as education, corrections and human service workers.

What is Bottom-Up Processing?

Bottom-up processing is also known as “small chunk” processing and suggests that we attend to or perceive elements by starting with the smaller, more fine details of that element and then building upward until we have a solid representation of it in our minds.

Want to Start a Double Circle Training Group in Your Area?

Contact us to schedule a Skype appointment or phone call to discuss getting your group started.

Download instructions on facilitating a Double Circle Training Group

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